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EchoHouse Films is a production company located in Scottsdale Arizona. Established in 2000, EchoHouse Films started by offering its clients quality visual communication and video advertising. By 2012, EchoHouse had transitioned to a full service production company and began working towards the goal of completing their first full-length film.


The completion of Girl on Wave represents that goal. We are proud to present Girl on Wave, a sports documentary featuring Sarah Hauser. Watch Sarah’s journey as she follows her dreams and defies the obstacles she faces as a professional windsurfer. In her quest to find sponsorship, Sarah maintains her passion for physical training and mental preparation to tackle the monstrous waves of Pe’ahi on Maui’s north shore.


Girl on Wave includes interviews with world-class athletes and fellow windsurfers that have inspired Sarah. Witness her sheer determination as she performs at her peak in huge swells and breaking waves in beautiful Maui.


As you watch Girl on Wave, imagine the possibilities and consider what you would do to “follow your dreams” and ask yourself, “what do you aspire to be?”


Watch the trailer now:


Girl on Wave will be released on August 8th, 2017. It will be available for purchase on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, Playstation, Xbod, Vudu, and Vimeo.


Beginning August 22, 2017, Girl on Wave will be available to rent on those platforms as well as iN Demand Events.








“I hope Girl on Wave will give

people a boost of motivation in

their quest toward their dreams.

I hope it will inspire people to nourish their passion no matter what path they chose in life, no matter their age or gender. And

I hope it will help to reintroduce and revive windsurfing in America”

Sarah Hauser.

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